Symposium: Piri Reis and Turkish Maritime History, 26-29 September 2013

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About The Symposium

Muhittin Piri Reis (1470-1554), as the greatest mapper, geographer, cartographer and sailor of the Turkish World also has an exceptional place in the World Maritime History. Indeed, both the Kitab-ı Bahriye and the two world maps drawn by him have scientifically, visually, functionally and technically outstanding qualifications which are beyond his era. The first world map drawn by Piri Reis in 1513, was fortunately discovered by two German scholars, named Prof. Dr. Adolf Deismann and Prof. Dr. Paul Kahle, during the studies of inventory, determination and evaluation and the attempt of converting the Topkapı Palace into the Museum of Ancient Artifacts. At that time, no one expected this map to become so popular. Because, this masterpiece of cartography has aroused worldwide interest with its content, technique and visual quality and this interest went as far as being an inspiration to science fiction writings. This year is the 500th anniversary of the drawing of this map and due to this important occasion, 2013 had been accepted as the World Piri Reis year at UNESCO’s 36th General Conference held in Paris on October 25th-November 10th 2011 and was included into the program of celebration and commemoration. An International Symposium on Muhittin Piri Reis and Turkish Maritime History will be organized in Istanbul on September by Turkish Historical Society in order to commemorate this great cartographer, sailor and scientist of the Turkish World. In addition, this symposium aims to increase awareness and provide new and different knowledge sharing by putting forward his contributions to both Turkish and world cartography, geography and maritime history.

Topic & Themes

The below mentioned topics are proposed within the context of symposium and encyclopedia project. Targeted topics have been chosen among the events and personalities which are milestones in the historical process. Other themes regarding the topic will be taken into consideration as articles.

Piri Reis
• Life of Piri Reis
• Contributions of Piri Reis to the Turkish and World Maritime
• Scientific Side of Piri Reis
• Kitab-ı Bahriye
• The First (1513) and the Second (1528) World Maps of Piri Reis
• Comparing Piri Reis to his Precessors and Contemporaries
• Ottoman Naval Force During the Piri Reis Period
• Piri Reis and Cartography as a Part of the 16th Century Technology
• Piri Reis as a Symbol of a Period and a National Value
• Other Related Topics

Türk Denizcilik Tarihi /Turkish Maritime History
• Pre-Ottoman Turkish Maritime
• Piracy in the Ottoman Empire
• Ottoman Maritime Law
• History of Naval Yard and Ship Technology in the Ottoman Empire
• Maritime Activities during the Foundation of the Ottoman Empire
• The Relations and Wars with Venice and Byzantine in the Seas
• Maritime Activities during the Rise of the Ottoman Empire
• Naval Forces during the Rise of the Ottoman Empire
• Maritime Policy and Trade during the Rise of the Ottoman Empire
• Great Turkish Captains during the Rise of the Ottoman Empire (Kemal Reis, Burak Reis, Piri Reis, Oruç Reis, Aydın Reis, Salih Reis, Seydi Ali Reis, Murat Reis, Turgut Reis, Hızır Reis etc.)
• Naval Warfare of Preveza and Its Results
• Maritime Activities of the Ottoman Empire during the Period of Stagnation
• Battle of Leponto and Its Results
• Maritime Activities of the Ottoman Empire during the Period of Regression
• The Establishment of the First Maritime School
• Maritime Activities of the Ottoman Empire during the Period of Collapse
• Naval Operation in the Turco-Italian War
• Naval Operation in the Balkan War
• Naval Operation in the First World War
• Battle of the Dardanelles and Its Results
• Maritime Activities during the War of Independence
• Turkish Naval Forces and Maritime Activities Since 1923
• Military, Political and Economic Importance of Maritime in the 21st Century
• The Importance of Turkish Maritime in the International Relations of Turkey

Executive& Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Osman Gümüşçü, Çankırı Karatekin University
Assist. Prof. Dr. Halil Ersin Avcı, Marmara University

Organized by

Chairmanship of Turkish Historical Society


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Transportation and Accomodation

1- Golden Age Hotel

Topçu Caddesi No:10 Taksim İstanbul

Telefon +90 212 254 49 06 (pbx)

Faks +90 212 255 13 68

2- Avantgarde Hotel

Kocatepe mah. Abdulhakhamit cad. No 42 Taksim

Important Dates

Place of Symposium: Istanbul
Deadline for submitting paper abstracts: July 15th, 2013
Deadline for submitting articles (full text): September 1st, 2013
Announcement of accepted articles: September 15th, 2013
Symposium Dates: September 26-29th, 2013


English/Contact: Assistant Specialist Aytaç YÜRÜKÇÜ 0-312- 310 23 68 / 231